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A student’s status regarding dependency for the purposes of filing for financial assistance is defined by federal regulations as specified in the FAFSA.

Please note that IRS filing status of the student as a “dependent” has no bearing on the dependency status for purposes of filing the FAFSA. Questions regarding dependency status should be referred to the 财政援助办公室.


Coe scholarships and grants are not available to students who are enrolled part-time (2.99学分或更少). 联邦和州补助金, work-study and loans are available to part- time students at prorated amounts. To be eligible for federal Direct loans, you must be at least half-time — 2.每学期零学分. 如果你正在考虑从全职转为兼职, 请联系财政援助办公室.


Students who have received eight terms of Coe aid and are pursuing a fifth year of study are not eligible for Coe grants or scholarships although they may be eligible for a continuing student tuition discount. 学生可以获得联邦助学金和贷款,前提是FAFSA, 证明了经济需求, is completed. Questions about the continuing student tuition discount should be directed to the 财政援助办公室.

Education and accounting majors may be eligible for a fifth-year tuition discount. 联系相关的学术部门了解更多信息.


学生入学状态的任何变化, 金融环境, or residential status must be reported immediately to the 财政援助办公室. Such a change may affect the calculation of financial need and the corresponding assistance offered. It is in the best interest of students moving off-campus to contact the 财政援助办公室 prior to seeking permission to move in order to determine the impact to their financial aid package.


The 校外学习办公室 webpage provides extensive information about the opportunities to study off campus. 核心管理的财政援助, with the exception of college tuition remission programs (National Tuition Exchange, 中西部联合大学, 长老会学院及大学学费交换协会, may be used for off-campus study if approved by the Director of Off-Campus Study and the Committee on Honors, 跨学科学习和校外机会. 学生需自行承担这些课程的额外费用.

Enrollment in an off-campus study program approved for credit by Coe will qualify the student to be considered for assistance from federal and state grant and loan programs. 联系财政援助办公室了解更多信息.


Students applying for summer financial aid must file the appropriate year FAFSA and notify the Office of Financial aid of their summer enrollment plans. Students seeking financial aid through the Federal Direct Loan Program(s) must be enrolled for a minimum of 2 course credits. Students may be eligible for a Federal Pell Grant if they are enrolled for less than 2 course credits. Funding awarded from either program may reduce the amount(s) available from the program(s) for the following academic year. Students may borrow through the federal PLUS loan or alternative/private loan programs without impacting their federal loan eligibility for the following academic year.


The Coe College Registrar’s Office will verify the enrollment of students for the purposes of insurance, 就业或贷款延期. 在某些情况下, siblings of Coe students who are attending other colleges may require the verification of their sibling’s enrollment at Coe. 如果合适,财政援助办公室将处理这些请求.


A portion of the financial assistance you receive may be considered taxable income and should be included as income on your tax returns (if filed).

  • 学生贷款不被视为联邦税收收入.
  • 勤工俭学所得被认为是应纳税收入. Coe College will report your earnings to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). W-2 earnings will be mailed to the student’s permanent home address every January.
  • The portion of any scholarship or grant attributable to services you perform is taxable as compensation.
  • The portion of scholarship and grant assistance exceeding the cost of tuition, fees, books, 用品和设备必须列入应纳税收入. (计算时不考虑食宿费用).

遵守美国国税局的要求, you will need to determine the portion of your scholarship or grant assistance required to be included as taxable income on your tax return. 你应该保留所有学费的收据, fees, books, supplies, 以及攻读学位所需的设备. 这些费用和你的奖学金之间的差额, grant, 或奖学金奖金是必须作为应税收入的数额. Please note that the amount of taxable income that you include on your tax return can be offset on your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) specifically on questions 44d (student) or 93d (parent).


These tax benefits can be used to get back some of the money you and your parents spend on tuition or loan interest or to maximize your college savings. Even if you or your parent are not required to file a return because of your income levels, 一定要这样做.  如果你不这样做,你可能会错过可退还的税收抵免.

两项税收抵免有助于抵消成本(学费), fees, books, supplies, equipment) of college or career school by reducing the amount of your income tax:

  • The 美国机会信贷 允许您索赔最高2美元,500 per student per year for the first four years of school as the student works toward a degree or similar credential.
  • The 终身学习学分 允许您索赔最高2美元,每名学生每年为任何大学或职业学校的学杂费支付000美元, 书也一样, supplies, and equipment that were required for the course and had to be purchased from the school.